Well Being vs. Dis-at-ease

We are all out in stormy seas. However some are in luxury liners and others in leaking rafts. Presently we can either sink or swim how we may best deal with Covid-19. Deep survival requires that we "be the change" to best float through this virus.

One month before this crisis suicide had increased 33% from 1999. Also 20% of the US adult population or 40 million adults suffered from anxiety. These statistics are now dated since this pandemic has accelerated extreme mental malaise. The social, economic and psychological costs of this exceeds tens of trillions of dollars. Sadly we become very unaccountable for our actions.

How I combat this is to best give back. Those who thankfully unite not divide become blessed not victims. Every family is impacted by this insanity in some way or another; where ever their loved ones are. The front-line is getting slammed at the expense of a greedy bottom-line.

In 2016 experts site that people describe themselves as more anxious rose by 36%. Also three million adolescents aged 12 to 17 and 17 million American adults have least one major depressive episode. Sadly children are one-quarter of the impoverished.

Interesting that a 2014 study found that 80% of antidepressants were issued by primary care physicians without any psychological or psychiatric background. Depression can be described either as a lack of enthusiasm or inner anger. And rioting has erupted due to mass injustice.

Today's virus shows how short-term profit destroys. Have we lost the value of things and securing our future welfare? We all profit from prevention since the returns on any wise investment are enormous.

Our independence is based on our interdependence and not a polarized world. Leaders must not accelerate our collective insanity. We the people have to minimize this horrific pandemic. Our very freedom is endangered by a profound inequality of collective sense.

A tremendous sense of loneliness and inner form of fragmentation causes lots of mental breakdowns. Fiction now has trumped facts. Many of our politicians are creating a nightmarish science fiction instead of facing reality.

The symptom is that we have to start being of greater service to others. Kind and selfless acts are the remedy. Let's pray together not prey on each other! May we be of benefit cultivating a wellness to combat this time of dis-at-ease.

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