Thanks for Vaccinating

I am so lucky to be alive and healthy. My gratitude helps me help others with the gift that keeps on giving, appreciation.

Our spiraling pandemic helps me to daily count my blessings. Another type of virus threatens; a pandemic of misinformation known as truth decay. Without widespread Covid vaccines this deadly flu will expand unless a majority of us vaccinate.

I have several friends who already said they were not going to take it. Like wearing a mask not vaccinating will have deadly repercussions. I pray others seriously examine this. Otherwise our herd mentality will kill many more.

Thanksgiving we all share in the benefits of appreciation by selfless acts. Exercising gratefully for a greater good; a great number must take the vaccine. Please take the shot

Thanksgiving unites not divides. Please evaluate the risks and benefits. Explore your options to get vaccinated and whether this will help stop the spread. Prevent truth decay.

An attitude of gratitude is our critical path for recovery safeguarding our future well being. Benefit your family and community- explore getting the vaccine!

This recent Economist YouTube furthers reports

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