The Truth Gives Us Freedom

Misinformation today threatens our future. Crazy claims of cures for Covid 19 have caused harm.

I grew up playing around the books aisles of the Library of Congress. My dad's was Chief of the Health, Education and Welfare division of the Congressional Research Service.

Unfortunately such neutral third party information gathering has been lost due to politics. Especially now with all the stuff going on social media such as blow dryers cure the virus.

Another example climate change is not a hoax. Rarely have so many statistics and information documents this. Fake news and conspiracy theories undermine our very welfare.

Today perception has trumped reality. Even our President's reckless misinformation and lies threatens not only this country but the entire planet. Perception must not replace reality.

Our reality TV politics has created a destructive information sharing and confusion. The Covid 19 crisis is a case in point. Without the facts pandemic will spread.

Supporting a clearinghouse of facts is a win/win situation. A wise form of decision making will secure us in these dangerous times.

Accountability and transparency is vital for our security. Increased public awareness will enhance our collective well being.

All Americans must learn what is true and what is false. Certainly there are grey areas in what is right or wrong. Also increased awareness we find things change. We can learn to be more skillful to use not abuse our people, air, water, land and other materials.

In conclusion greater awareness is vital to our democracy. Shedding light is better than casting darkness. The truth insures our freedom.

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