Kiss the Earth, Care for Your World

Let the beauty you love be what you do

there's a hundred ways to kneel down and kiss the Earth - Rumi

Care for our world and the world will care for you. Give your best and it comes back with amazing returns.

Showing compassion for the Earth increases our well-being. When we show care for our Earth beneficial self care results. The climate has changed evident by the Coronavirus. Do negatively infect or offer the best effects? Change disease, grateful and pleased.

Good Karma results when we care for Ma (Mother Earth). What goes around comes around. Positively Affect - care for and enjoy happy returns effect. May your care transform curses into blessing! Good karma adds not subtracts so de-carbonize and harmonize.

The climate has changed !!! The universe is telling us time out - go to your room and wake-up.

The Covid 19 teaches us how to better relate and connect. Either we can sustain or drain- it's your choice. People right now can change this Shipwreck into a Love-Boat with affection not infection.

Let's unify not defy nature. Show compassion for future resources - Less is more. Conserve and preserve our prosperity. Make this priceless place valuable not vulnerable. Money does grows in trees!

Earthly love socially secures our well being. Without our heavenly connection the sacred perishes. There is universal stock market called Gaia, we all shareholders. Everyone shares this common ground.

Our love boat has a leak caused by ignorance. How can you disconnect from your home you'll eventually return to? Please as a visitors show mercy -Re-creation or Wreck-creation??? We're all recycled back into air, water and our shared earth.

In today's climate wierdness seek the eye of this hurricane of traumatic distraction and doubt.

Be well has another meaning. Literally picture yourself as a well of pure and still water. Purify yourself with calm and tranquil images of nature. Unify yourself by visualizing yourself as the Earth. If Cherish our world so we do not perish.

Take H off heart and put at the end -it's spells Earth.

Care for Ma cultivates karmic well being. Cultivate oneness and create heaven not hell on Earth. Benefit by honoring the Earth and it will take care of you. CARE for MA.

Take H off end of Earth and place it in front- it spells HEART. Kiss the Earth, Prosper, and Be Well.

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