Do We Agree On Masks?

A sociological surgery is happening in this time of polarization. We are finding more Americans are becoming vigilant. The Covid crisis is forcing us to unite instead of divide. Wearing masks in the U.S. is necessary to overcome this pandemic and prosper. Necessity dictates Americans to awaken to the ramifications of this highly infectious disease. All we have to do is emulate other countries successful precautions.

I live in a rural area where many in public places ignore mask wearing. It is a sad and tragic thing to witness such carelessness. People do not have the right to infect others. Freedom is about responsibility not reckless and misguide selfish acts. Either we engage in a win/win or lose/lose campaign with ending this horrific virus.

We live in a time of extremes. Environmental, political, social, economic, psychological and other areas of extremity are increasing. For example our weather systems reveal accelerating fires, floods, hurricanes and other disruptions. Global income inequality is another example as the middle class decreases. Extremes create turbulence and unrest.

Most American's can agree on creating new opportunities. In today's see-saw of events balance only happens when we find the middle ground. Otherwise the peaks and valleys of our circumstances will make life more difficult. May we find greater balance in these polarizing times.

Developing a dialogue where we show respect and tolerance is based on being kind. Also everything becomes defined by the results of positive and negative events. Who would of predicted four months ago that going into public spaces requires wearing a mask?

Either we all show respect for this virus or we will suffer.

Wearing a mask around lots of people will benefit America. The virus does tolerate ignorance. Be healthy, safe and wear a mask!

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