A Gift that Keeps Giving

Give me a heart

I can pour out in thanksgiving.

Give me life

So I can spend it

Working for the salvation of the world.

—Sheikh Ansari of Heart

When I feel grateful it widens to greater receiving and giving. This Thanksgiving we all share in the benefits of appreciation. May all of us celebrate this widening circle of virtue. This kind and friendly act of giving thanks elevates our possibility, purpose and potential.

First, being thankful heightens my kindness. Extending gratitude ultimately increases my higher connection.

Exercising this profound gift is the key to my awakening. Such discernment stimulates my awe and self actualization comes from this thankful higher power. It transmutes my darkness into vibrant light.

Thanksgiving unites not divides, it beholds not separates. Give and get this greatest gift, and receive the bountiful treasures from simple appreciation.

Over 7,000 years ago with the beginning of the agriculture revolution after the harvest the "first fruits" where celebrated. This was to honor the Gods mindfully giving back. Thanksgiving was a collective blessing.

The word gratitude goes way back to the word praise. Immanuel Kant defined it as giving something back exercising a form of freedom. Martin Heidegger said, "the heart gives thought to what it has and what it is." While thanklessness is thoughtless. In Buddhism this act of being aware of what has been done is repaid by this kind form of thankful awareness. Gratitude overcomes greed, disregard and selfishness. This appreciation is an awakening of the sacredness of all things and thus activates reverence for life. Our holiday comes from this communal celebration of sharing, eating and giving. This priceless virtue benefits us all everyday not just one Thanksgiving.

I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.

—Maya Angelou

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