Decarbonise or Perish

Why is conserving so needed? With billions more people coming on this earth efficient resources use will happen. Better management and greater inventiveness with our land, air and water is in our best interest. Also environmental factors warrant greater ingenuity.

Let's decarbonise – rethink our lifestyle, using more with less. How can we agree upon collective global

action? An international campaign for decarbonisation will secure an global insurance plan.

Half of our global emissions being produced by two countries – the US and China. Maybe it’s naive, but I hope a cooperative pact can be reached between the two countries like the nuclear non-proliferation agreements that were made between the US and Russia in the cold war.

One recent study put the gap between what fossil fuels (not just gas, of course) do cost and what they should cost, given the environmental damage they inflict, at over $5 trillion, or more than 6 percent of global GDP, per year.

$300 billion. That’s the money needed to stop the rise in greenhouse gases and buy up to 20 years of time to fix global warming, according to United Nations climate scientists. It’s the gross domestic product of Chile, or the world’s military spending every 60.days.


Humans have a 1 in 14,000 chance of going extinct next year - more likely than the odds an individual has of being struck by lightning, study finds ( Stacy Liberatore, Nov 11, 2019).

Research from the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond shows that the finance, insurance, and real estate (FIRE) sectors can be just as adversely affected by higher summer temperatures as the agricultural sector. (Federal Reserve officials say they 'can't afford to ignore' climate change, Brian Cheung, Yahoo Finance, November 9, 2019)

I bike, walk and lessen my footprint with intention and creativity. I reuse my plastics is best I can and look at refillable cops reusable bags and the whole ethic of mending instead of ending. Last year my entire electric bill was $450. I shut off lights, computers and TV reducing further. I place empty plastic containers in my refrigerator to make it work less. Excess bath water I water my plants with. It is all about ecology and economy. "Eco" comes from the Greek meaning house and it is time to do some serious cleaning both inside and out. A new prosperous frontier preserving this blue/green planet requires ingenuity. I have been fortunate to be a participant in several conservation tipping points. America consumerism impairs our prospects. Mending is certainly better than ending. Can we see that our natural resources are not separate from us but interconnected with everything?

Yes conservation matters, and so does stimulating this America spirit. We are innovators who can improve our environment thus stimulate life-affirming and life-enhancing choices.

Protecting our environment is tied to the very notion of human excellence. Americans can demonstrate their virtue and promote a healthier relationship with our planet. Just the simple act of doing more with less can lessen the threat of further loss. Simple changes happen when we become more creative and innovative. Any way we can better this planet directly betters ourselves and creates a win/win victory. As we reconnect with wise use, we plant seeds of new opportunities. Our very freedom is a green reawakening-best management. Let's show greater self and eco-respect giving hope to our next generation. In return we find such leadership liberates us with a peace of mind. Responsible action equates to greater possibilities. Let's enjoy our life and profit all things by conserving

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