Become Cooler

Almost every week there are new scientific findings or reports about record heat, fires and ice loss.  Add to this that part of American think humans do not contribute to this hotter weather.  Yes things are heating up for our future. People’s fears, and frustrations are running high. Fittingly change is needed to temper this crisis. Be cool, do your part to keep the collective temperature down. Extreme weather changes are caused by higher temperatures.  All these factors are connected. Global warming is leading to increased environmental and economic loss. It is a fact not fiction. 8,000 years ago-humans’ first impacted this planet with great deforestation. European heat wave used to be 1 in every 500 year event, now this happening every day. Washington DC this summer so far has had 50 days over 90 degrees. The rapid rate of climate change threatens our livelihood. We need world-wide action to buffer this. We know enough to act now. However, Americans must act since climate change is real.

Getting heated about the problem does not help. When we cool down we realize our very future is dependent on profiting from climate stabilization. Saving more and polluting less is an investment. All the major business and economic studies forecast this. Our habits of consumption let's shift to preserving. Prosperity happens when we conserve our water, air and land  respecting generations to come. Conserve comes from two words. Con - which can mean to examine carefully, persuade, and steer or even an opposing view. Serve - means to work for, prepare, and offer and to complete. Together conserving means to protect from loss and harm: to prevent from waste, injury; to economize. Keeps things cooler change your climate and benefit. Be cool, do your part to keep the collective temperature down.

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