Cultivating Wisdom

Never in our history have we more information while less wisdom. More brilliant people live now yet our politics are more mindless than ever.  Today is an age of intellectual dishonesty and emotional disability. Let's face the consequences to prevent serious suffering in years to come.

With the present trend of human growth the future of our species is questionable.  Couple this with the enormous ignorance that jeopardizes generations to come.  Some honest evaluation can redirect this ship wreck into a dream boat.  It is unlikely we can invent some technological solution will that solve the problem. The UN predicts that we must halve global emissions by 2030 to avoid catastrophic warming. 

To verify such a finding all you have to do is to refer to the copious scientific findings and models of years to come.

Certainly shortages of fresh water, food and excess people are just of the few indicators of such a conclusion.  Other ecological circumstances support that in years to come sustaining humans will be critical.

Given such a bleak future picture how can each of us cultivate greater wisdom? While it is difficult to accept our destructive trajectory we must acknowledge our situation as best as possible. 

Courage and fortitude to face both our own personal death and this transitory world  is a wise practice. Furthermore how to make the best of this predicament we must act to add not subtract from our situation,  The greater we can participate to the greater good; the greater good we may reap.

Wisdom awakens us to transcend from the material to a spiritual world. Let's cultivate insight, kindness and compassion celebrating a higher realm of conscious being. 

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