Tennis Now

Mindful tennis happens with every breath of intention to pay attention;

- Begin with inhaling with each new backswing & exhaling on every follow-through or say Yes!

- Keep the ball a few feet over the net.

- When in trouble lob.

- In between points just observe the weather outside the court what's going in your surroundings.

- How do you best release the tension keeping on your toes dancing so to reach each shot.

-As you serve establish a visual cue to exactly where your toss will go.

- Cutlivate the physical sensation as you hit each shot.

- How is the ball is coming off your racket?

Finally let go of the results. Be a champ not a chump so to maximize your fun. Win by being alert while cultivating tranquil concentration. Each moment offers new possibility and potential. Enjoy with tenacity making few errors remembering your championship purpose of giving your best.  Even if you lose you have won giving your all!

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