The Awe of Grace

Grace allows me to transform from my ego-centric way into a flowing unified space. I re-create not wreck-create. Being graceful takes me out of the ordinary and beholds me in the extra-ordinary. Such creativity unites the opposites or moderates the extremes. Grace brings me into a self actualized celebration of life. When I do the opposite (wreck-create) I destroy. Re-creation bands together- separate parts become unified into oneness. Re-creating responds not reacts, being light not dense. Grace is a blessing outside our individual selves. This virtue fosters awe, wonder and flow. Re-creating energizes this graceful spirit of possibility. This mystical quality brings a spaciousness as if you looking at the milky way or Northern lights. Cultivated through good will, appreciation, mindfulness and other illuminating things, grace is resilient, sincere and heart felt. Grace is stimulated by a re-creating freshness. It entertains something new in each moment resulting in a form of divine higher presence. Grace re-creates in special conditions. When there is compassion, calmness, kindness, generosity, respect, and other virtuous states grace tends to be close by. Grace allows us to tap a place of unconditional and unlimited opportunities re-creating new potential, possibilities and purpose. Imperfection and inadequacy no longer are curses yet are transformed into a sense of loving kindness. It frees our inner chains that we have imprison ourselves with. Short-comings become reversed into strengths. Grace is synthesis of the positive with negative. It is like the rainbow that happens after an intense storm. It combines the sum of the parts into an unified whole. Grace re-creates a peak experience to celebrate there is heaven right now on earth.

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