Becoming an agent of CHANGE

Our world today seems to be spinning out of control. However, I am the change keeping my center in the middle of the hurricane. I have a choice - I can react or I can respond. Especially with present current events reacting does me little benefit. Responding fosters transformation improving performance. Everything is transitory thus changing.

All things are woven together and share common bonds. Reacting creates separation. Responding crates and unified field of awareness. Nothing in this world is separate. The more I separate the more I suffer. Everything is somehow tied together both outside and within. Truly we are all interdependent or connected by many strands of chemical, biological, and psychic common denominators.

Observe how water, earth, air and other essentials interface sustains me as an agent of change. Everything feeds and recycles from something else. Impermanence is omnipresent. Various truths come up from this inquiry. We all share this mutual bond. Find how these strands intertwine. We merge as a greater collective organism, bonded by mutual interlocking elements that give us life. Even the non-living elements are essential ingredients in this wonderful spider’s web we share. Seeing the nature of change directly ties us closer together. For example, all of life depends upon and inter-changes water. The water cycle like the carbon cycle further extends our amazing shared time here on this terra firma. When I see how we all are so inter/inner-connected this insight fosters this dynamic. By illuminating this truth of our shared unity I find courage to overcome many fears. Also I relate to how all things are sacred since there is whole not just a sum of the parts. Beholding the phenomenon that everything transforms allows me to delight in this fantastic mystery. With mirth and curiosity this transition touches all facets of my life, family, friends, and beyond. Wisdom emerges from responding rather than reacting.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself- Rumi

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