Earth Day or DECAY?

...Save the planet, we don’t even know how to take care of ourselves yet... George Carlin

Have your recently read or listen to our media reports (see links below if not)? Unfortunately the handwriting is on the wall for humans, however, most will misunderstand the implications of our future weather.

In 1980, I worked on the national staff of Earth Day 80' promoting positive environmental efforts for future prosperity. Today’s escalating ecological crisis is revealing horrific impacts. The psychological, social and economic costs of not doing so are catastrophic.

Showing regard and care for our planet will have an enormous rippling effect. Regardless of what climate deniers say there is common ground for us to invest and future prosperity. Wasting human and natural resources degrading our planet has amazing regrettable consequences. Especially when we all greatly profit prevention.

In a recent NPR interview, Wallace-Wells talks of economic impacts citing a study linking 3.7 degrees of warming to over $550 trillion of climate-related damage, $550 trillion is twice today's global wealth. (NPR: Wallace-Wells, Rich Talk Climate Change In 'Uninhabitable Earth, Losing Earth')

Last August, US became the world's largest crude oil producer in terms of total daily crude production, according to the US Energy Information Administration. Also we have been the largest producer of natural gas since 2011. While enjoying cheap energy prices we have not created any future social or financial security so when peak oil happens we are unprepared for this catastrophe.

Just look how we get, pay and extract our fuels. Advances in fracking technology has allowed drillers to access reserves socked away in shale formations buried deep underground.  The rise in US oil and gas production is due to this. This increased energy production in US has a huge iceberg environmental cost presently unrealized.

For example, in a 2015 Duke University study it estimated that 250 billion gallons of water were used to extract oil, producing 210 billion gallons of wastewater. Water, air and land costs will eventually rear their horrific head.

What good is our wealth if in 10 or 15 years our carbon dioxide levels undermine our life?Let's act like actuaries and underwrite insurance policies that plant seeds for the future.

We've already spent over 5 trillion dollars on our last decade of wars so investing trillions of dollars it's just a drop in the bucket. Let's  celebrate the advantages of a Green Awakening financially securing planetary possibility.

Recently, Thomas Crowther identified long-disappeared forests available for restoration across the world, finding that there is room for an additional 1.2 trillion new trees globally that could absorb more carbon than human emissions each year.(Predicting climate change.

Current weather events are stimulating an inner or micro revolution to spiritually adapt to this climate weirdness. Macro developments are challenging us to find some safe refuge or become the eye of the hurricane. Such evolution will revolutionize our political, socio-economic, cultural way of living. Our very survival is held in the balance.

It will be wise to prevent, prepare and pray for eco-revolution.  Without celebrating such an evolution the blessings of our advancements will be shortly displaced by the curses of our arrogance and ignorance. May we unite together to forecast and forestall our very extinction. Let's people of all walks join in a green awakening for seven generations.

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