Deal With A Full Deck For the New Year

Happy New Year, April Fools!  Let's celebrate foolishness since more bizarre people exist then ever! Wisdom only happens when we awaken from our mindlessness. Why not enjoy RE-creation and not Wreck-creation???

Everything has been thought before so now why not think of it again. I hope my dying words are "RECYCLED."  Everything is recycled, given time.

Thirty-one years ago on April 1st, 1988, I proclaimed", DEAL WITH A FULL DECK, DO NOT THROW OUT THE JOKER. Recycle our Nation's Capital." 

I was advocating an American precedent on the U.S. Capitol steps dressed as a court jester. How foolish is that getting my Congresswoman to sponsor me to clown about a pollution solution? I created a social artist named Ray Cycle. Besides sharing the trademark of this comic hero with the State of Connecticut, this character established a wise foolish precedent. I even presented a recycled paper on promoting behavior change using humor at a Virginia Tech Psychology Symposium. For years I have dreamed of a glorious Green Awakening. Our Earth has a priceless value that we must cherish or we will perish. 

Let's celebrate our gratitude by showing reverence for all things. This fosters prosperity and well being. Respecting our land takes kindness and consideration.  We get the best from the world when we show how we care for it. When I lessen my load I pass on a lighter gift that keeps on giving. Less dense makes more sense since laughter transforms. Leading by example, sharing, joy and loving friendlessness makes this place better. Being ingenious and thrifty builds  community. Let's not become consumed by too much consumption. Joking around makes it fun.

When I focus on my higher potential I overcome my walls of fear I re-create new drawbridges of possibility. Ray Cycle also is the birth and death cycle of our stars. Be starlight in this time of overwhelming dark matter.

All great things flow in a circle and so may our higher potential expand outward while we celebrate our inner light. May we all share in our greatest possibility, potential and purpose.  Awaken from your foolishness and go on a green diet to waste less. Wisely laugh, love and leave less mess.  Then your the blessed best.   

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