A Conservative Deal

It is time that we find common ground. Both capitalism and communism fail to serve us. Without neutral third-party transparency greed overtakes need.

40 years ago I work with American Petroleum Institute with their model used oil recycling program. They advocated in there model program to place $0.05 a quart on the sales of motor oil. I helped start programs in D.C.,Virginia, Florida, California and even went to Namibia to promote do-it-yourself oil recovery. Conservation happens once we can agree on its benefits. Today the only states in this country that have an effective used oil recycling program placed a tax on oil. This is a great example of a carbon tax. Constantly Fox News talks about the threat of socialism while corporate welfare robs people of all walks. Let's help the unfortunate and middle-class investing in infrastructure growth. Yes the Green Deal is not perfect however the art of politics once found middle-ground with compromise. 

My dad's spent 40 years working for Congress providing affordable health care. However one-third to one half of this care is wasted. Today much of pressing issues require thrifty middle ground agreements especially when it comes to efficient governance. Conservatives don't appear to be conservative with today's  22 trillion dollar debt. Especially since the last few wars is cost us over 5 trillion dollars. It's a pity today that we can not agree what's best for all Americans. A classic example of that is the government shutdown for six billion dollars wall. We probably lost twice that amount. Hopefully leaders people will invest in their grandchildren's well being. Both leaders and politicians must realize we're all interconnected and if we don't work together for our common good. It is time where we the people exercise wise resource use.

The federal government has a disincentive with their "use it or lose it" budgeting. They get more future money by wasting money. Such waste is the tip of the iceberg harming all. If we do hold our leaders accountable and demand that we profit from pollution prevention otherwise we will fail. Let's agree on and what needs to be done and then create political, social and economic programs that secures our prosperity. If we do not leave a legacy for the future then truly we exemplify no virtue.

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