V~Day: Magic of Heartfulness

Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love. -Rumi

Valentine's Day gives me an unique opportunity to contemplate about the magic of greater love. This day opens our heart's door to explore a greater perspective of a deeper compassionate possibility. Not just a limited romantic love but one boundless without any conditions or ownership. Such a love unifies us to our greater sense of connectedness. Instead of dividing or separating, love unites us to share the joy of oneness. This elevated romantic state opens the door wide open to our highest potential and purpose.

Greater love can awaken our consciousness allowing deeper acceptance for life’s hardships. Such profound love is beyond just selfish desire since it honors our greater interconnection. This elevated romantic state opens the door wide open to our highest potential and purpose.

Rumi reminds us the source of all our thanks comes from simple loving presence -

Love asks us to enjoy our life

For nothing good can come of death.

Who is alive? I ask.

Those who are born of love.

Seek us in love itself,

Seek love in us ourselves.

Sometimes I venerate love,

Sometimes it venerates me.

Rumi, Love: The Joy That Wounds: The Love Poems of Rumi

Valentine Day provides us with the possibility to expand our compassion for all things. May your Valentine’s Day be filled with the flowers of possibility, purpose and potential. Heartfulness has a magical ripple effect!

Take H off heart, place at the end

Earth now is becomes the word Allow greater kindness and compassion

Listen to the heartbeat of the earth Empty with a new air of possibility

Find blessings in every curse

Cultivate higher potential and purpose Pay attention to higher intentions Expand loving friendliness to ALL Interconnect the cosmic harmony

Heart and Earth are the same

RLA 2/14/19

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