Native Wisdom

Fully embracing my unified connection lessons my fear and suffering of feeling separate. Native traditions honors our planet's interconnections by treating things as sacred. This widens my compassion for all life.

Native wisdom is based inter and inner connection. Treating all things as sacred is paramount. Relationships are all about how I sustain my mind/body and soul. All facets of our greater being is about "kinship." This magical link transforms me to a higher calling and extra ordinary existence. Constantly reciprocity is a primary reoccurring virtue; I come from the earth and I return to it. Everything happens in a circle and this acts a metaphor in all matters. All our relationships interrelate with my greater well-being. Please transform yourself with this native planetary love affair.

While there were bountiful diverse perspectives and observances, Native people seem to agree upon certain ways of seeing and experiencing. The concept of "owning" land years ago was completely foreign to them. Indigenous value not mastery of nature but rather to honor the earth by respectful rituals. They tend to have communal property, subsistence production, barter systems, and other practices. Also these people operated under consensual processes, where they observed a “participatory” democracy, and laws embedded in oral traditions. Also native peoples almost universally view the earth as a feminine figure illustrating a relationship of the earth, as their Mother, is a sacred bond with the creation.

People close to the earth usually have a heart-felt compassion for their surroundings. Humankind's evolution directly relates to how we respect this place. Even Darwin observed that humans feel a certain empathy and reverence to help us prosper. A greater love and awakening reflects my higher emotional intelligence enabling me to best advance.

The more I open my heart the better I may relate all things on this green earth.

Native peoples viewed the earth by understanding the world from the natural order’s rhythms and cycles of life, and include animals and plants as well as other natural features in their conceptions of spirituality. Indians spiritual life where all things as gifts from the Creator. Fostering compassion for all things in our life guides us to better serve and contribute and many viable ways.

Being in good relation with all things is something that must be remembered and practiced once more. The future of this planet requires a realization of this sacred wellness. Such an indigenous wisdom of our earth best observes and understands our sacred world. We all are natives when we honor this primordial wisdom. We have a tremendous gift to pass on by caring for our fragile planet.

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