Moderating the Polarities

We live in a time of extremes.  Environmental, political, social, economic, psychological and other areas of extremity are increasing.  For example our weather systems reveal accelerating fires, floods, hurricanes and other disruptions. Global income inequality is another example as the middle class decreases. Extremes create turbulence and unrest. 

In today's see saw of events balance only happens when we find the middle ground. Otherwise the peaks and valleys of our circumstances will make life more difficult.

May we find greater balance in these polarizing times.

There's a rite of passage happening into the between. 

Life, death and rebirth a constant cycle. Being in the between we don't know. Truly transition and change are our spiritual center of gravity.

Awakening to the eventuality of balance unifies me into a more holistic place.

John O'Donohue believed this happened when dualities meet each other.*

John observed every person is a bundle of contradictions. Eventually opposition of these polar differences synthesizes into a rebirth. This new equilibrium emerges by such opposing forces.  This dialectic of the Yin/ Yang or Buddha's Middle path comes by vigilant attentiveness possible in any situation. Such "hereness" is an extraordinary form of listening. Mr O'Donoghue said true balance is grace.

Constantly extremes are moderated via forming,  deforming and reforming. All wise earth teachings honor the transitory nature of dark/light, fear/love, chaos/ order and polar opposites creating equilibrium. Grace awakens me to this balancing and ongoing phenomenon.

* Walking in Wonder  --Eternal Wisdom for a Modern World. Convergent Books,  2015, pg 116 -117

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