Higher Connection- Embrace Our Unifield Field

Everything aligns and flows as energy in our cosmic unified field. Here we find a place of oneness.  This  quantum field of energy interconnects since nothing is separate.

For me wonder, awe and spirituality awakens me out of my distractions to a holistic celebration of my higher nature.  Truly this is the source of universal love. For example looking at the stars enhances my life's energy.  This unified field is the source of things.  Many call this God or our higher power.

Remembering my inner/interconnection gets me out of my subconscious hellish trance. Awakening to the endless cosmos I touch greater purpose, possibility and potential.  My heart expands to boundless creative and heavenly virtues.

Overcoming my hindrances and distractions both unifies and fortifies me.  However, this requires a tremendous commitment to compassionate acts.  Fostering such transformations takes skill, and persistence.

Shifting from fear to compassion based beliefs requires a supportive community, willfulness and dedication.  Discerning my unhelpful emotions that spiral downward can be replaced by observing my higher connection.  Just observe the difference between a victim from a thankful mind-set.

Quiet your minds and listen to your heart. I shift my curses into blessings elevating myself in a higher paradigm.  The question comes down to if you wish to tap greater well being? Happiness happens when I exercise the courage to touch my higher self/power.  This unified field is my home. All things come and return here.

This phenomenon allows us freedom to expand our spirit. Self loves happens only from fostering higher love.  Celebrate the treasures of uniting instead dividing. May we all benefit honoring our unfield field cultivating our highest potential, possibility and purpose.

Move within, but don't move the way fear makes you move. Walk to the well. Turn as the earth and the moon turn, circling what they love. Whatever circles comes from the center. —Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī

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