Free to Be - Part 2

One of Shakespeare's greatest line is "To be or not to be, that is the question." Facing my darkness I embrace a pregnancy of new enthusiasm. Being allows me new potential, possibility and potential. I can be filled with joy, and presence or I can be sad, fearful and stuck in my anxiety. Breaking from past conditioning I can reframe these patterns into the gifts to be wholehearted. 

How can I best cultivate a kind, and peaceful way of being? I elevate self love when I embody the grace of moment to moment awareness. I no longer doubt, and embrace my shortcomings. Patiently I wait so I may find that harmonious relations will respond in kind. Since all things are connected I can best show reverence to the unfolding of life’s sacred hoop. Remember the silver lining in the grey clouds. The challenge is creating meaningful experiences out of what may appear as a meaningless world.

Greater awareness and  optimism expands my options. It is not to say that pessimism does not have important role in our lives, however it does not have to be so dominant. If everything is my life is based on being more wakeful in my experience of life then having greater clarity will help me better advance. Acknowledging my true nature as pure, and radiant frees me to higher purpose, possibility and potential.

None but ourselves can free our mind. — Bob Marley 

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