Inner or Inter Relate

Everything is about relationships. It is how we sustain our mind, body and spirit on this Earth. All our relationships interrelate to the core our very well-being. Being present to whatever arises frees us from fear if we can observe how it will pass.

Listening and treating all things as sacred help us best interrelate. Giving thanks and showing kindness increases our divine connection with all things. We create harmony once we relate there's beauty in everything. Even our most painful experiences. This allows us to see the wisdom to seek balance in a world of contradictions. Cultivating virtuous inner relationships extend to improved outer ones. Fully embracing that we are apart of the greater whole lessens the suffering of our feeling separate. Our deepest connections come when we greet all things as our neighbor. There is nothing foreign or excluded since everything is apart of the greater whole in its own unique way. Self care can be an ultimate act of divine connection. Nourishing the mind, body and spirit balances and sustains us. Nurturing our greater well-being benefits all our relations. Continuing learning is a dynamic of showing our love for all things in our life. Continued learning helps us open and to adapt to our changing world. It also helps our capacity to serve and contribute and many viable ways. We have a tremendous gift to pass on by giving back. This strengthens our connection that ties us together since such sharing allows us to find our higher relationships. Let's live so to honor all things that in turn return back to us. May we benefit by being kind and considerate in all our relations!

Don't wait to be successful at some future point. Have a successful relationship with the present moment and be fully present in whatever you are doing. That is success. Eckhart Tolle

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