Deal With A Full Deck

First say to yourself what you would be: then do what you have to do. ~Epictetus 

Everything is recycled, given time. Thirty-years ago on April 1st, 1988, I proclaimed", Your not dealing with a full deck with you throw the joker out."  I was proclaiming an American precedent on the U.S. Capitol steps dressed as a court jester. 

No better gift to myself then to cultivate my highest potential. I created an artistic champion having fun saving things named Ray Cycle. Besides sharing the trademark of this comic hero with the State of Connecticut, this invention opened a door of purposefulness. For years I have dreamed how I can reincarnate this recycled being. I believe that all of our relationships are interconnected. This common strand both binds us and offers me unlimited possibility. Now can I re-create an identity so to once again celebrate my profound gratitude for all things. This heightens my deepest well being.Treating all things with respect, kindness and consideration I celebrate my greater self and inner wealth.

Honoring many virtues I integrate together my inner and outer world. When I lessen my load I pass on a mightier gift that keeps on giving while helping me find my higher potential. Leading by example, sharing, joy and loving friendlessness are a wonderful ways to gracefully live. Celebrating ingenious resource reuse brings folks together.

When I focus on my higher potential I transform my fearful walls re-creating new drawbridges. Ray has been Cycled. Thus used again to benefit me and my beloved home, Earth. All great things flow in a circle and so may my higher potential expand outward while I celebrate my inner light.  Also this Easter may we touch our greatest possibility and purpose.

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