Let the beauty you love be what you do - Rumi

Making the best what is available has been an invaluable teaching since everything is possible. Things once loss may be revitalized into new life. Observing nature has taught me this profound ingenuity of our cyclical world.

Today I wish to transform a different forms of angst into treasure. Emotional baggage: worry can be best managed through self care. Accepting these pains lessens my resistance thus allowing greater joy. First step for me is to recognize I have a choice. Years ago I shared with a wise teacher my feelings of anxious energy and how I felt like a buzzing fluorescent lightbulb. It has taken me many years to discover this feeling is my life force or chi energy. Also how anxious energy drains my chi away. The difference is how I choose to perceive and look at my situation. Is filled with Velcro for the bad and Teflon for the good or vice versa? My choice toward greater freedom is when I pause and see everything as a blessing not a curse. Yes many of my painful experience hurt so badly yet they provide me an invaluable lessons how I can lessen my suffering in the future. I can respond by pausing and reflecting or I can react sometimes mindlessly  not being present in my actions. Old ways of thinking can hinder me from fully understanding my true situation. It takes much effort to change. My relationship with these emotional weather systems filled with difficult emotions can be re-framed. Becoming more skillful is an ART: 

Act/accept, Regain/re-create and Transform/celebrate

Act, Re-gain and Transform (ART) Act or accept what is happening so to recognize how may I benefit. Re-gain or re-create greater possibility finding wise ways to better my circumstances. Transform or celebrate new purpose and potential. ART is about a three step process of being creative, flexible and wise. What do I wish to do?  Decrease my suffering and best free myself.  ART is about integrating the whole instead of the sum of the parts.  Illuminating with inner light I then best can address life's circumstances. For example, I get easily impatient. However, this gives me a chance to take a mini break.  I pause and become curious so to find more peace from this experience.

I use ART to lessen my resistance allowing me to best  deal with life's mystery. 

Act/accept provides me the highest possibility allowing me the greatest benefits.  Re-gaining/recreating provides my greatest freedom and service to all beings. Thus I transform/celebrate difficulties into blessings wisely tapping my highest purpose and potential.

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