Well Yes for Wellness

No greater gift than being well. After spending time in and out of the hospital for two months battling a kidney stone blockage, I am deeply grateful for my health.

I just I define wellness by four facets--diet, mindfulness, exercise and being outdoors.

Personal care is paramount to greater wellness. I call this "Well Yes" since I then cultivate self love requiring a compassionate care. Investing in healthier choices I lessen my suffering.

The paths to higher self compassion: diet; "nowness"; enjoying nature; and exercise are life enhancing.

Eating organic fruits, vegetables and other wholesome foods makes me feel better. Honoring this food by eating slower and less of it allows me to better digest it. Incorporating more skillful rituals allows me to change bad habits fostering further wellness.

Being still, silent and concentrating on my breath provides me tremendous peace and wisdom. There are many other ways to meditate such as visualizing my body as a bowl of pure, clear and tranquil water. Also focusing on gratitude and giving kindness to all things blesses me. Such mindfulness or "hereness" is a profound personal gift.

This elevates my entire being.

Spending time outside refreshes my mind, and renews my spirit. No greater form of healing I find then being in nature. Being under a huge tree, walking on the beach, kayaking on a river or riding a horse in the woods allows me a profound peak experience. This cultivates a state of calm, and wise awareness. I find my mind is calmer being in nature. Living surrounded by trees I feel purified by my forest.

Exercise keeps me fit. Gardening, walking, biking, swimming and other ways enlivens me. Playing is the best form physical fitness.

Awakening With Exercise or AWE renews me when I laugh, dance, and sing activating amazing wonder. My best exercise happens when I gracefully focus on being more effortless. Tennis, skiing and other sports transform me. Each is a form of yoga as each exhale increases my flow state. Being with not against whatever arises I sway away my funk or what I call "funk sway".

Diet, meditation, being with nature and exercise are the four foundations of my "Well Yes" wellness. My greater purpose or "Well Yes" fosters grace, and awe. Wellness happens when I kindly invite in the mystery with all my relationships. Play the lover with your diet, attitude, being outside and exercise. Awaken with "Well Yes" and enjoy its awesome benefits.

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