Valentine Day Kindness

Everyday becomes Valentine's Day when your kind.  When I'm kind I reap amazing benefits. Becoming transformed into a living love poem I expand my caring and compassion.

Kindness expands my heart and calms my mind. Investing in kindness is the best way for me to increase my well being. This begins being gentle with myself. My old shadows can overcome me. Kindness is a gift that keeps on giving.

Kindness is about me making the intention to honor and be at peace with what is happening.

Can I have the courage and accept so I can best go forth with compassion every day? The more I am able to open my eyes, the more I can see that we are all lovers.  I wish show my gratitude and a winning grin.  Such friendliness opens doors that before were walls.

This attitude of friendliness elevates me instead of depresses.  Being kind to myself, others, and the world excels me to greater happiness and freedom.

My this Valentine's Day you find joy, and grace by embracing insightful compassion in every dimension. May I awaken to widen my circle of compassion. Just the simple act of caring has a tremendous ripple effect.  We can all be living love poems.  

Allow me greater kindness, love, and laughter lessening my despair, and sorrow Remind me to pause, relax and deeply listen to the heartbeat of the earth As a Grateful Warrior's may I empty myself with a new air of possibility in the East

Fearlessness I find blessing in what once was as a curse 

As a Compassionate Healer may I benefit with compassion in the South 

Cultivating awe when I celebrate boundless compassion of the cosmos

As a Composed Visionary may I creatively express what I see in the West

Remind me to cultivate sacred vision aligning with the mystery that emerges

As a Wise Teacher may I share highest purpose and potential in the North.

Once unattached to outcome I inspired greater liberation and awakening Allow me clarity so to observe not judge my emotions and find truth  Remind me to break many old habits and bring forth new ways and insights May I transform my dreams into action that embodies a pure spirit Allow me to unwind stress and tension into creative forms of play and art  Remember to not be frightened or lonely since there are many beings helping me  Please if I feel separate return me back into the harmony interconnecting all things

May my sacred heart and earth celebrate since they are one and the same Please give me courage to overcome my fear and be a living love poem!


Our task must be to free widening our Circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. - Albert Einstein

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