Our First People's Legacy

          To all my relations!

How best may we go forth on this planet in peril?  Who better to understand the wisdom of our earth than indigenous people.  These human beings use this place as their medicine.

Native perspectives are profoundly tied with their land. Their keen observations and experience of our natural phenomena best observes and understands our sacred world.  Since our very beginning these wise teachers cultivated a beloved relationship with our fragile planet. These native teachings are about an “affiliation,” of being interrelated with all organisms, in a deep, personal and committed way. Kinship and receiving from experiences in nature are common themes.  Constantly reciprocity is a primary reoccurring virtue; you come from the earth you return to it. Everything happens in a circle and this acts a metaphor in all matters.  

Natives observed how all things are connected together and there is no true separation just aligning with a higher Great Spirit. Their outer world is aligned with their inner world. Native Americans viewed land as something to be shared communally, and respected it with that idea in mind. The concept of "owning" land years ago was completely foreign to them.  

While there were bountiful diverse perspectives and observances, Native people seem to agree upon certain values and ways of seeing and experiencing. They tend to have communal property, subsistence production, barter systems, and other practices.  Also these people operated under consensual processes, where they observed a “participatory” democracy, and laws embedded in oral traditions.  Also native peoples almost universally view the earth as a feminine figure illustrating a relationship of the earth, as their Mother, is a sacred bond with the creation. Native peoples viewed the earth by understanding the world from the natural order’s rhythms and cycles of life, and include animals and plants as well as other natural features in their conceptions of spirituality. Indians spiritual life where all things as gifts from the Creator.

Humans, in the Native American conception of the world, were not created to “dominate” over other beings, but rather to cooperate and share the bounty of the earth with the other elements of the creation. 

Two basic teachings arise from their wise earth teachings.  All things are related and non-human things are recognized as being apart.  They only took what they needed.  Also first people are stewards of the land since everything depended on this care.

These wise earth teaching are all our source for wellness.  Being in good relation to the earth, and all things in a good way is something that must be remembered and practiced once more. The future of this planet requires a profound and compassionate realization of this sacred alignment and state of mind.  Living in close harmony with the land these stewards have the closest connection to it.  Thus native peoples cultivate the best possible relations by demonstrating their highest respect to the creator of their well being. 

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