Dream of Earth & Heart

You have a death and a return and every moment... Every moment the world is renewed but we, and seen its continuity of appearance, are unaware of its being renewed - Rumi

There is no coincidence that if you take the "h" off heart and place at the end it spells earth. Over my life I been blessed by many teachers to help me in resolving my of eco-despair. What I have learned is that greater self compassion liberates me to be the small "change" to a better world.

I have been active in the environmental field since the late 1970's. Profiting from pollution prevention, I observed a full spectrum of trials and tribulations. Today I have better accepted the fate of this planet since I have done my best to lessen my footprint. However my feeling of cosmic angst and sadness still persists. Allowing my heart to be wide open I touch new possibilities, purpose and potential.

Thomas Berry deeply addresses this ecological anxiety (Thomas Berry, Dreamer of the Earth- The Spiritual Ecology of the Father Environmentalism edited by Erwin Irwin Laszlo and Allen Combs.)

Berry was a trail-blazer in getting us to awaken to our shared inter and inner connections. Such insights gives us a greater appreciation of our harmony with nature. He challenges us to design more sustainable and ecological facets to every level of our life. Certainly this transformation is an investment in our well-being and future prosperity.

Berry noted regarding the nature of human consciousness,

Even the most primitive tribes have a larger vision of the universe, of our place and functioning within it. A vision that expands to Celestial regions of space and to the interior depths of the human in a manner for exceeding the parameters of own world technological confinement. p. xi

By exploring and understanding all facets of the universe humans awaken to our common connections. Berry wrote;

We'd only to listen to what we are being told through the very structure and function of our being. p. xii

Berry aboriginal perspective was;

In the beginning was a dream through the dream all things were made, and without the dream nothing was made.

We are immersed in the depths of our own being and in the cosmic order itself in the dream-world that unfolds within us in sleep, or in visionary moments that seized upon us in our waking hours.

Berry urges us now to;

get be beyond our existing cultural formation, back to the primary tendencies of our nature itself, expressed in the spontaneities of our being.

..the universe is recent revealing itself to us in a special manner just now. Also the planet Earth and the life communities of the Earth are speaking to us through the deepest elements of our nature. p. 14

Thomas sees consciousness as a fundamental element of reality that connects all life forms. Berry urges us to awaken to our stewardship role. Every being adds to the greater whole creating a community of kinship.

Here in the collective of all our hearts we may come to terms with of our cosmos. Here the Great Spirit, God, or whatever unified holy source is in all things. Thomas is a spiritual teacher guiding us to reconnect with the force of the entire universe in profound way. Once we have the courage to open wide our heart profound possibility, purpose and potential results.

To the children who swim beneath the waves of the sea, to those who live in the soils of the Earth;

And to the Great Red Oak, beneath whose sheltering branches these pages were written - T Berry

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