The Joy of Vulnerability

It is a serious thing just to be alive on this fresh morning in this broken world - Mary Oliver

Awakening to my vulnerabilities gives me great joy. Vulnerability opens the door to seeing my life from a rich view point. A shift happens when I let my defenses down to fully discover my weaknesses. Also my mortality becomes more evident. The truth is that I am a fragile being in a precarious time. Joyfulness arises from this thankful realization that from uncertainty I find all things are in transition.

I will never forget what happened when I was returning from tennis camp in 1969. Landing at the airport with my best friend, and his brother we were told that their father had just died. I cried and was traumatized by this sudden loss. Many years latter I heard a saying, "Grown men do not cry but growing ones do."

We all are like a cracked egg in our continual birthing process. Because we are interconnected, we share the same things. Our collective grief, sadness, other difficult emotions longs to belongs. We all are born and die alone. Everyone endures similar pains in life. In the last few decades 40% of us feel lonely and this feeling has doubled from a few decades ago. Also this type of disconnection increases our dying by 40%.

Brene Brown writes on page 144 in Braving the Wilderness; " Joy is probably the most vulnerable emotion we can experience." Once we have the courage to expose

ourselves we feel less threatened. Greater openness, and less susceptibility allows us to evolve.

The more I expose myself then my weaknesses become stronger. Allowing greater heart-break allows me to trust what is true. Experiencing greater authenticity comes from exploring my wounds of loss and love. Letting go of my fragility I find tremendous rewards from taking this risk.

Greater vulnerable acts inspires others to venture outside their delusions of security. This may happen in prayer or meditation.

May we all awaken to realize that the best way to be free and joyful is to more vulnerable.

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