New Year and Beginnings

If I can meet with Triumph and

Disaster and treat those two impostors just the same - R. Kipling

My life is imprisoned by a deeply rooted fear that I am not adequate. My favorite quote sits above the entrance before going on to Centre Court of Wimbledon. This challenges me to see things in a different light. Such curiosity clears my fear to search for what is true.

Living fully results when I explore my aversions. Welcoming everything, and pushing away nothing creates aliveness. Lessening my anxiety and stress I empty myself. Finding this safe space enables me to see my neurotic self deceptions uncovering my hidden fears.

I practice a daily ritual facing the East where I contemplate new beginnings. The past has no place. It is all about my perspective. It is not "Into-Me-I-See" (Intimacy) rather "Into-Me-How-I-See."

Such non judging discernment observes the transition of all phenomenon with new possibility. It celebrates the wisdom of "I only know that I do not know." And this allows me to enlighten my terror by dropping it's "t" transforming it now spelled as error. Greater self acceptance comes from this method of inquiry.

This New Year is all about beginner's mind so surrendering to those things I avoid. However difficult facing my negative emotions produces benefits. Discipline and willingness will uncover many dark layers of my self aversion.

My inner shaming voice haunts me with negative self talk. When I can re-frame my depressive thoughts a new shift unfolds. I can alter "Into-Me-How-I-See" to become unstuck. Here again I find flow and better navigate my difficult circumstances changing my point of view.

An attitude of renewal is amazing way to dissolve my unconscious habit to avoid what needs attention. Then I can exercise various tools to cultivate joy understanding my new found adequacy.

Compassion, enthusiasm, kindness, and other virtues re-shape my depression. This severe despondency is the second only to heart disease in its global health impact.

Self love happens when we do not become so identified by our thoughts. Accepting our negative thinking gives us a new lease on a better life. Unconditional self love counters whatever negative inner critic that undermines our well being. Remembering this transforms my cowardice into courage. Listening to my heart is key.

Illuminating my unconscious self aversion gives new birth to greater possibility, potential and purpose. Greater gratitude, and awareness results from this self-actualization. Uncovering my shadows into truths emancipates me to be more awake and alive!

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