Peaceful Seasons Greetings

For me peace on Earth begins within. This happens when I wisely concentrate to free myself from destruction. Yes let's increase praying together instead of preying on each other. Once we focus how to make this a better world the happier we will be. Otherwise hostilities will accelerate their plight.

By shifting from the macro to the micro I give myself the gift of serenity and tranquility. I am not in war rather in a romance celebrating my blessing not activating my curses.

This is the time to inquire what peace truly means. For me it is an awakening from my mindlessness and not to judge my brokenness. Yes I'm human. When I accept all the parts of me I can find greater inner stillness.

This time of less light allows me to cultivate our inner illumination. Necessity forces me to find the radiance within the greater darkness. Let's find the eye of our inner hurricane in these disturbing times. What well being can I transmute from any ill will?

In the last few years I have spent considerable time with horses. These sensitive creatures pick up and amplify fear-based emotions. Being around horses, however gives me a greater pleasure since the calmer I am the more ease we share together.

Finding contentment is a matter of survival. Years

ago I suffered a horrific car accident where I experienced profound composure so I could endure

my enormous injuries.

Experiment and close your eyes and picture yourself as a bowl of clear pure water. Now how does that feel when you visualize a still pool of mountain spring water? Creating more tranquil mental pictures allows me greater cessation of my mental disorder.

As Thoreau was dying his Aunt asked him had he made peace with God? Henry David last words were," I did not know we have quarreled."

Create peace within so it maybe shared throughout.

Peace widens into an unified harmonious connective circle. May we find serene places to stimulate more joy for a better New Year!

Let's shift from less fear to more compassion. Peace is priceless medicine in these turbulent times. Become a still and clear pool of water. Foster a peace of mind and you will transform the universe with greater purpose, potential and possibilities.

Rob Arner

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