Sunrise or Sunset?

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus on the light - Aristotle

For years I did numerous environmental talks showing the picture above asking, "Is this a sunrise or sunset?"

My strength comes when I attend to my weaknesses. I am a child of light and my initials RA is the name of the ancient Egyptian sun god. When there is less sunshine I feel more moody and vulnerable. Exploring my aversion with darkness allows me greater potential, possibility and purpose.

Winter solstice represents death and rebirth since the sun is at its weakest point. At Xmas it begins a new cycle of rays out of the darkest days. All spiritual traditions celebrate creation itself or this enlightenment of new beginnings.

All awakening goes back to the beginning of human consciousness. All ancient people shared being children of light.

On the Winter solstice the sun remains on the Southern Cross constellation for three days. Then on the 25th the sun moves one degree North. It is born and grows out of darkness/death to light/life. We are all new seeds of light being germinated.

Our luminous nature is reflected above in the Milky Way starlight. Native people believe when one passes a new light above is born. Our rays are recycled above. Every individual is a luminous form transformed by this amazing cosmic dance.

It is no accident years ago I created a recycling superhero called "Ray Cycle." Unknown to me the term ray cycle has both meaning in esoteric astrology and astronomy as the life and death of a star.

96 percent of the universe is dark matter. Let us celebrate the birth of inner and outer light on this year's shortest day. Accepting our darkness enlightens us to new possibilities, purpose and potential.

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