Happy Returns - The Greatest Deal

Giving your best results in getting the best. Creating and uniting instead of fighting and degrading brings happy returns. These wholehearted acts brings us grace and joy. Virtuous deeds translates into Happy Returns, the Greatest Deal.

Over 40 years as a recycling and conservation expert I have experienced the psychic significance of emotional ways of closing the circle. Explore this positive spiritual feedback loop of loving chasing arrows. Reap what you sow since what goes around comes around.

How about if we initiate this Greatest Deal ? There are thousands of ways to the art of happy returns. When you are generous now you invest in rewards latter by your kind acts. It is like virtuous frequent flyer miles you get fantastic credit latter. Help people, places and things and enjoy this gift of giving. Smile and greet strangers. Speak and act so to benefit and it positively comes back, the Greatest Deal.

Let's not be a prisoner of the today's toxic culture of too much taking. Such negativity fosters despair. Please focus on our blessings instead of their curses.

By working and serving we benefit via "sharing it together." Bring happiness to others circles back to bless you. This is the most illuminating investment into higher self love when we foster insightful compassion. Being of service strengthens our inner and inter-connection. This cultivates new purpose, possibilities and potential increasing our heart's electromagnetic field. Also expanding our greater heart lessens human darkness.

Truly live so to feel, heal and be free. Happy returns expands the more you give. It unites not divides. Wholeheartedly engaging you lead by modeling gratitude. Harvest the benefits of "giving" enjoying the rewards of thankful happy returns - the Greatest Deal !

There is no happier experience then the generous return of what you been so fortunately given.

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