Three Virtues for Thanksgiving


Appreciation happens when I exercise greater virtues.

Three words stimulate greater gratitude. Kindness, understanding and grace are gifts that keep on giving. This Thanksgiving kindly understand grace.

Kindness is one of the most transformative word. For

without it we lack spirit. Years ago the Dali Lama declared his religion as kindness. What kind of being are we? Let's extend being kind to all beings. Place the "ness" on kind.

First, being kind with myself heightens my kindness. Extending kindness ultimately increases my higher connection. Our greatest potential, possibility and purpose is deeply rooted in kindness.

Understanding is the key to my awakening. Without discernment wise action will not result. Fostering greater wisdom stimulates greater meaning and compassion.

Greater understanding guides me how to better proceed. Recognizing where I am at then I can best deal whatever arises. Accepting what I can and can not do allows me to respond. Respond and Able forms responsible. This understanding allows me greater freedom. Seeing both the trees and the forest bridges the micro with the macro allowing me to understand both the smaller and big picture.

Grace gets me to accept and be in the flow; here and now. It is this self actualized place, where awe happens. Grace for me is higher power. It transmutes the dark into light.

Grace enlightens like the fireworks created by fireflies at night. Grace allows us to rejoice: to smile; celebrate; and to positively reflect on inner peace. Grace unites not divides, it beholds not separates. Grace is a profound conscious state being in harmony with all things.

Kindness, understanding and grace are three virtues that exemplify my gratitude. Give and get the greatest Thanksgiving gift, kindly understand grace.

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