Listen, Hear and Here

My life completely change when I started to deeply listen. There is no better speaking skill is that of listening. Being still and quiet has amazing benefits. Hearing beyond the voices and noise allows me to better accept my pain and vulnerability. Listen to your breath as if they are ocean waves sounding with each inhale and exhale. It is no accident that "hear" and "here" sound the same.

Beyond sound helps being present to explore the mystery from moment to moment. In the deep silence words and concepts dissolve into profound stillness.

Twice a month for over 21 years I have been apart of a group where listening is a form of meditation. I now pay greater attention to what someone says and not so distracted on thinking what I am going to say. Instead of two or more with their own inner monologue my group practices insight dialogue. The silence or gaps between talking are valued. Here I feel heard and there is no judgement and interruptions that prevent me from fully communication.

My favorite way of listening is when I walk alone in the woods. If I wish to encounter wildlife being quiet is essential. Also this silence allows me to fully enjoy being in nature.

Just being silent opens doors for me. "Hereness and "hearness" happens following the transitory nature of sounds that arise and fall. Like a bell ringing the vibration comes and then goes. Greater possibility results when I allow myself to fully hear. Listening stimulates my greater presence and potential.

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