Our Unified Source

I find such gratitude when I explore our divine source. Here is where everything inter-connects into our higher realm of being. It reveals our vital nature. Both cosmic and atomic we come from the stars and dark matter. Also this place is where our universe unifies into oneness.

We have the opportunity to tap into this profound energy. Our very essence is founded in energy so why not expand it. Every cell of our being animated by this precious energy. Whether from our sun, moon or lights above emitting trillions of celestial rays. Its presence is ominous and we're interconnected by this bandwidth. Meditation intertwines us so to this profound origin or unified space. Our ominous mystery - the Earth, water, rocks, trees all touch us some way. Within being still and quiet we listen beyond sound embracing one common mysterious connection. The soil below is two-quarters minerals and such organic matter was weathered many of thousands of years. Air, water and minerals of almond recycled true tens of thousands of years.

There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on any beach. Hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen are the four most common elements of life on this plane. To illustrate this cosmic vastness just ponder that there are more molecules of water in just an 8 ounce cup of H2O then there are in cups of water in all the world's oceans.

The great interconnection is stardust which is atomic elements of hydrogen, helium including carbon and oxygen. All our minerals comes from dead stars.

Every year 40,000 tons of this cosmic dust rains down on us. Recycled stardust it's like our skin or the planet's soil -- a thin layer over the surface of the Earth. The soil is composed of living dead elements and extremely dead materials. Everything is a form of cosmic compost is over a billion living organism just one teaspoon of soil. The initials of life is also a magical sound current OM, or organic matter. This defunk heap of spent energy happens through time providing healing properties.

Celebrating our fantastic inter-connection and what we are made off shows how we revere those greater and higher things. Such reverence elevates our conscious relationships to a more harmonious way of being. Here in each moment new quatam possibility, purpose and potential reawakens.

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