A New Story

Have you noticed the power of your inner judge? My head can be swirling with this useless and demeaning voice. Much of my emotional baggage stems from my inner critic. This nagging judge self deprecates and annoys. Once I acknowledge this unhelpful voice I am able to ignore these degrading messages. I can better proceed and deal without this negative commentary. When I search for my greater truth this inner ranting ceases.

It is no easy thing to rid my emotional torment. It is like horrible elevator music that always repeats. Just allowing space from this temporary neurosis provides me refuge from this torture. By embracing this harmful voice I find greater peace with my inner turmoil. Just relating to my moment-by-moment awareness begins a healing process learning to simply appreciate being right here.

For many years I was overwhelmed by a deep anxiety. I asked one of my teachers about a constant buzzing quality of sensation. Years latter I figured this energy was the vibration of my Chi. This was a spiritual awakening discerning my life force.

When I realize my fears I lessen their grip. Even realizing each moment may be neutral, positive or negative stimulates a wakefulness to become more curious with my aversions. It is like a wind cleaning my mind-set with a refreshing mountain breeze.

It is as if my mental ice transmutes into water then vapor. My mind calms and my heart expands with greater options. It is easy to be stuck with this self-absorbed voice. Finding ways of getting unhooked from this I become reborn. Lessening my inner criticism is an awakening to a greater calling. A new story is born when I remember there is greater possibility, purpose and potential.

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