Acceptance = LiberationI

My well being is connected to my greater acceptance of what is. The less I try to rid myself of those troubling emotions or unpleasant situations the more I benefit from this forbearance.

It is challenging to deal with what is happening. At times it may come down to increased self-restraint and shifting to a more tolerant and forgiving attitude.  Such a resilient and enduring mind-set liberates. Expanding my awareness allows me to lessen my resistance and best deal with whatever circumstances arise.

Leading by example I wisely 

experince greater liberation.  When I align my deeds to my values I then practice what I inwardly believe.  For example, leaving things better then I found them.  When visiting I clean up after myself and recycle.   Also demonstrating kindness,  I reap psychic benefits from this merit. Currently, I find troubling the violence of today's news and the increased disconnect of not being responsible. Excess egotism could be balanced by greater care.  

So juggling acceptance and wise action, while being vigilant to "being the change." Greater insight and discernment allows me to transform even if events are unacceptable.  

I have both a deep gratitude and reverence for this country and this planet. May I transform what appears unacceptable, may my higher purpose, potential and possibility shine down from above. 

If I can be more peaceful and reverent of all things, then I elevate greater experiences. Cherishing my relationships with people, places and things, I can celebrate an expanded sense of freedom.  

Aligning the virtues that nurture me with the reality of how this world is a balancing act. With more awareness I can make transformative intentions happen within my circle of influence.

At the same time I must exercise a radical form of higher self love.  Awakening may I best show up to what is presently going on and embodied higher ideals.  

Greater acceptance and liberation are possible if I can be more aware to be "the change" and still let go. Also exercise what I can and cannot control.  When I quiet my mind and listen to my heart I become free. 

When you do things from your soul you feel a river moving in you, a joy. -  Rumi

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