Old Hemlock Celebration

Being in an old growth forest allows me to touch the divine. This year traveling back from my family reunion in Ohio I found out about a fantastic place to visit outside Morgantown, WV called the Old Hemlock Foundation. This estate features five miles of nature trails to be enjoyed by the public and future generations.

Thanks to their staff LeJay Graffious, administrator and director, I got an amazing tour and history of the Evans family.

The foundation consists of 232 Acres of precious real estate in Preston County, West Virginia. George Bird Evans and Kay Evans, donated established an educational foundation with this property when they passed away as a gift to those who love the outdoors.

Their property is filled with white and red pines, hemlocks, red spruces and other trees. Purchased in 1939 at a sheriff sale they also saved from the loggers saw acres of virgin hemlocks.

George Bird and Kay were renaissance individuals. George was an graphic artist for Cosmopolitan magazine and latter wrote mystery novels with Kay. They wrote 5 successful suspense novels. Also George wrote articles for outdoor and hunting magazines and from his journals results in the publication of 18 more upland gunning books.

They also bred a line of English Setters call Old Hemlock setters. George designed the line to have hunting ability, beauty and companionship. It's so inspiring to see how a couple of legacy can be shared by nature enthusiast.

This couple lived a blessed and frugal life. What better legacy is to pass on their wealth of art, writings and works to be enjoyed for nature lovers.

For further info go to oldhemlock.org

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