Being Home

It was no accident that I built my house in the woods right next to a 150 year old white oak. Being home for me feels grounded like huge oak roots deeply penetrating the earth. Such presence allows me also to branch out in the opposite direction skyward-- with an awareness of unlimited possibility and potential.

Fostering optimism and new ingenuity brightens my life prospects. Such is possible when I do not fully identify myself with all my thoughts. Then I find greater peace and harmony being home to my greater interconnection.

Concentrating on life's blessings rather than the curse of listening to my inner critic I access a higher consciousness.

Also I embrace the mystery of knowing that I truly do not know. Liberating from this voice inside my head I find greater loving kindness. Home is where the heart is -- not locked in my mindless cycle of thinking too much. Just simply being as my beloved trees do I find oneness.

Oneness to the possibility of seeing something in a truly a new way; beyond what I always thought, and new to the core of my heart. Is that a bird in the sky or the sky in the bird?

Magic shows up everywhere when I pay attention with deep appreciation to the ordinary. And the simple intention to be of benefit or service allows magic to happen.

Enthusiasm for all things. Find the water in the desert. Find what is juicy beneath the dry and worn out. This is where I enrich my well-being and expand to new frontier of awareness. Cherishing all things and showing reverence of even the difficult dark stuff I commune with the divine.

After I leave this world to join the ancestors, may my legacy be like the flight of a hawk. May I show thanks for the divine guidance that has come from my ancestors: to bestow kind and selfless acts. May this compassion and empathy expand and ripple outward just as a stone does when it is thrown in a still pond. May I extend joy and well-being to future beings.

Being home fosters increased harmony. Have I been humble and generous? Have I been open to new adventure and experience? Have I shared my magic with all things? And finally how has my enthusiasm created new ripples to inspire and benefit others? This quest best leads me home: where my heart gently beats to celebrate my sacred time on this earth.

Trees allow me a form of unconditional surrender by their very being. There is no difference between me and the huge oak next to my house. I take refuge in my forest property and feel one and at home!

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