ACT = Freedom

I am neither an optimist or pessimist because they are just different forms of fatalism that treat the future as fate not choice--and absolve from you for not taking responsibility for creating the future that what you want.  I believe in applied hope - Amory Lovins

A revolution of heightened awareness is emerging.  I observed this April 29th during the People's Climate March. Political boundaries are obsolete.  The enormity of today's  greed of the few no longer serves the needs of the many. People of all walks are taking the lead. It all about something bigger than our individual selves. 

There is a shift from the impoverished me" to the inspired "We." May we overcome this pervasive form of mental illness. No longer can we survive with the current selfish mind-set. Both our evolution and existence are in jeopardy.

The only remedy is a greater awakening.  What is true in your experience? Excess news watching, eating, drinking and smoking does stimulate greater despair.

Donald Trump is a symptom of a larger problem. His mental instability undermines democracy.  He exemplifies the American dream becoming a nightmare. No longer can America afford this emotional dysfunction. Greater self regulation and insight are the tenor of the times.  

My Awakening is to ACT (Actualize, Create and Transform)

If I wish to become free then I have to inwardly become the change. Only through leading by example can I liberate myself from being an accessory to this crime of environmental disaster.  

ACT is a non violent revolution exemplifying best management practices.  The mantra is LESS.

Less waste, despair and unhappiness. The challenge is deciding whether you want to be free of all the stuff that makes you unhappy. This strategy is what I've investigated for many years.  Exploring my angst I have discovered divine grace.

Shakespeare once said action is eloquence.  ACT translates to:

- Actualize my higher potential and greater purpose

- Create new possibilities and loving kindness

- Transform my suffering into new lessons and ways of better going forward.

Practicing ACT and LESS exemplifies leadership by example.  I become the change.  I'm a revolutionary aligning myself with the virtues that bless me instead of curse my well being. No longer am I aligned with those with those harmful influences that hinder my spirit.

I've have been fortunate to walk this talk. Transforming my ideas into action I've benefited with tremendous rewards.  May we awaken to the joys of being revolutionaries exemplified by billions of virtuous deeds.  

Freedom happens--serving for a higher interest. Let's awaken from our mindlessness. May we ACT-  Actualize, Create and Transform.

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