Hindsight of Less More

In early June I got to follow an amazing great comedian, Robert Mac on stage in Bethesda, Maryland. (https://robertmac.com/2012/07/18/youtube-videos/).

The terror of bombing transformed me into a deer in the headlights doing stand-up for the first time. I held notes and my routine reflected how much a newbie I was. Avoiding a mild anxiety attack was a victory for me since I had several leading up to my three minute set.

Less More I created as an alter ego since my current one was (E) Edging (G) Goodness (O) Out. I dealt with enormous amount of fear just to get up on stage. It was apparent that I have a very bizarre way of seeing things not commonly shared by typical audience.

What was funny is how I got caught by my own projections, and misinterpretations. I wasted so much emotional energy worrying about things that rarely happen.

Less More is a fabrication that shares insights from my boo-boos. A wise fool learns from life's trickery to see new meaning. There is no sense figuring out nonsense. The personification of humor allows me to awaken from the tragic to comic. Such a shift allows me greater awe and freedom.

The Joker wild card is the highest card in the deck and is thrown out many times in the game. However, this discard is priceless, since laughter, love and merriment is it’s symbol. Also the fool is wildly free of the deck’s hierarchy. The jesture is a shamanic force representing the non ordinary or the world of the psyche.

Jokers walk on the razor edge between sublime and the ridiculous, fumbling on the high wire of reality and fantasy. Also, he/she sheds light on both on bondage and our path to freedom.

From my folly an awakening happened playing the fool. Out of my trials and tribulations some cleverness resulted. Such creative spontaneity sparked some laughter. Shakespeare said that jesters do often prove prophets. He also said, “I had rather a fool make me merry than experience to make me sad.” While some did not fully get my humor, the very act of being entertaining somehow created its own mirth by its very intention .

Below is some key lines of my routine

I am Less More- Less attitude more gratitude!, Less mess, more success, Less stress, more to bless!

Laugh at life’s errors; overcome the inner terror.

RE-create my mistakes into new breaks. Do you all know what an oxymoron is? More Less or Less More


Presently FEAR for me means - AAAAAHHH. Love for me is oooooooooohhhhhhhhh

There two acronyms for Fear, (F) Face (E)Everything (A)And (R)Recover and F Everything And Runnnnnnn!

Take the T or cross off TERROR it spells ERROOORRR

Transform your Mistakes to new breaks

Teaching tennis I instruct LESS errors AND MORE players

If balls go into the net then I coach to hit into the back fence.

Wisdom recreates-a wiz being DUMB deprecates

Did you know that we have 57K thoughts each day and 90% were recycled from the day before? No more stickin thinkin/paralysis analysis.


Laugh at life errors. Overcome inner terror. Recreate mistakes into New breaks

BE a Joker, Deal with a full deck

Wisdom recreates- a wiz being DUMB deprecates.

Less attitude, more gratitude. Less mess, more success Less stress, more to bless

More Less??? Less More

Less confusion, more clarity

Less work, more play

Less suffering, more freedom

Less anger, more tolerance

Less darkness, more light

Less waste, more resources

Less worry, more joy

Less greed, more sharing

Less isolation, more togetherness

Less separation, more unity

Less judgement, more acceptance

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