Less More: Less Fear More Love

Last month I celebrated my 60th birthday with a comic new birth. Over the years I have developed characters to help me face my fears. Just recently I invented Less More to help me stabilize my emotional stormy weather systems due to present climate weirdness. Anxiety have created enormous suffering throughout my life. Leaving some sort of legacy of lightness is my newest resolution. I remember less in the short term and more in the longer oneToday I know that I do not know. Also I play with my part timers - I forget that I do not remember or do not remember I forget.

Less addresses an important insight how I may nurture my greater well being. More examines all those wants that hamper me from getting what I truly need. Embracing how I have been a fool or been fooled awakens me. So learning from the opposites has helped me instruct tennis. Instead of hitting the ball in the net all the time, try hitting it in the fence. Do not bang your head on the wall, try the ground or maybe something else? Such revelation of finding moderation comes from experiencing what happens with the extremes. Simply the humor from the yin and yang synthesis helps me learn how to better go forth in our present political civil war.

It is been said that our brain each day has 57,000 thoughts and 90% were recycled from the day before. Of these 75% are fear based and 25% are more love based. A sense of humor is essential.

We all engage in this live long carnival exploring no sense out of nonsense. The personification of humor allows us to to awaken from the tragic to comic.

Observing a clown you are exposed to a full weather system of emotions. Even out of sorrow humor acts to balance grief. I invite you to examine both the tragic and the comic parts of your life. Be a joker and deal with a full deck! Find ways have less fear, more love for re-creation. Otherwise I find I may wreck creation. Less More reminds me to find greater compassion, unity, joy in this time of increased anxiety and tension. Less More- less attitude, more gratitude, less stress, more success, less mess, more to bless!

Less fear, more love

Less stuff, more fun

Less despair, more hope

Less abuse, more kindness

Less wealth, more well being

Less judgement, more acceptance

Less turmoil, more peace

Less stress, more ease

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