When I fully open my heart I enter a flow state. Entering this state of awe I become fully absorbed with all aspects of my moment to moment experience. Entering this flow I find less resistance, and greater rhythm with all aspects of my life. Greater inner and outer connections happen. For example I mention to a friend about my sacred relationship with hawks and then I immediately hear a hawk cry outside. This form of serendipity results when I become more intuitive or right brained.

In this flow, I become more self-actualized, unified and aware. Entering a more compassionate and trusting state I open to greater possibilities. Fear based emotions such as doubt, despair, and controlling lessens my flow. Flow is about a zone of effortlessness, and ease. I experience increased unity and harmonious connection with everything.

It is if I am kayaking on the Shenandoah River and I become the water, absorbed, alert and fully conscious. The awe of flow brings a form of tranquility, and oneness. No longer is there just the sum of the parts, however, a more vibrant whole.

At times I enter a sense of timeless concentration in this flow state. I even can find stillness in this state of actualized movement. I become fully immersed in whatever I am doing, however, maintaining a heighten awareness of my surroundings. There is divine energy or chi when I flow. This momentous state comes a form of inspiration not desperation. A more loving and kind psychic force happens. An alignment with the TAO or natural way happens because of flow. Acting in this Zen place I am unified with a natural pulse. Instead of being with the breath I am the lightness of breath. Great leaders, artists or athletes exhibit this charismatic zone. Fully concentrated and motivated work merges with play becoming one. There are virtuous indicators of flow since I become more open, trusting, fearless, compassionate, sincere and present. Flow Mihaly Csikszenthalyi describes as, "an optimal experience, a state of concentration so focused that is results in absolute absorption in an activity."

When I tap this flow of my heart I touch a higher consciousness. I have unconditionally arrived in this heart filled place. Flow gives me grace and appreciation of this illuminated way of well-being. Flow allows me to shift from observing my breath to having my breath taken away.

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