Become Cool and Green!

Tomorrow, I am busing to DC for the People's Climate March. Last Saturday Earth Day we celebrated it's 47th birthday In 1980, I was a national and D.C. Earth Day organizer.

Today our world entering a "green awakening". How we stimulate our planet's life support systems determines our future. Each one of us can plant seeds of future prosperity. Everyday we can deepen our connection with the natural world, the cycles of life, and the rhythms of nature. This is greatest step toward higher self care. Let's show our thanksgiving for our home, this planet. Increasing our gratitude gives us a richer life. Invoking daily appreciation for our earth promotes of individual joy. This also awakens us to how all things are interconnected. Such gratitude gives us insight that our survival is about the greater whole. And, this green awakening fosters increased life-affirming and life enhancing opportunities. Simple green action are as simple as wisely conserving and doing more with less. The more efficient we use our resources the greater promotes ecological excellence. Establishing healthier relationship with our planet is a win/win enterprise benefiting all things. Everyday you can walk or bike. Any way we can better this planet directly betters yourself, and all aspects of your life.

Each year on this planet we lose forests the size of Germany. This earth needs more trees to give us new oxygen, water and share. 84 years ago Franklin Roosevelt kick off one of his first New Deal program called the Civilian Conservation Corps and its first camp was in my home town, Edinburg, Virginia. Two million men were employed and planted almost three billion trees. Conservation industries generate over 8.5 million jobs and nearly $1 trillion in annual revenue in the United States, and represent some of the fastest growing sectors in our economy. However, the many other forms of conservation that is not accounted for

Presently our national economy is $17 trillion dollars. Investing in a green awakening comes down to each of us to find how we can keep the temperature and emissions down. Using more with less and making other ingenious choices has a ripple effect. Years in the future we may look back and see how avoided our earth's destruction.

Assisting our green awakening we increase our wealth and well being. Let's discern fact from fiction and create a legacy of hope that humans will unite to insure our very existence. Let's establish a green precedent challenging our current President to wake-up and become cool and awaken Green!

If your green your lean, if your brown you rot! - Ray Kroc

When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect. Aldo Leopold

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