An Unorthodox Precedent

How many people dressed as a court jester on April Fools Day have stood on the United States Capitol steps at high noon? With the approval of my Congresswoman and the Capitol architect, on April 1, 1988, I established a "PRECEdent" not running for "President."

I then proclaimed, "You are not dealing with a full deck when you throw the joker out. Recycle Our Nation’s Capitol!"

I created, Ray Cycle, a conservative jester. As the D.C. Energy Office first recycling coordinator Ray was invented to promote a saving message. Our nation’s capital is probably the most wasteful place in the world. More things are discarded in this city than anywhere else on this earth.

Ray Cycle even presented six recycled papers at various national recycling conferences and even a You Tube Rap (see above). In 1990 I shared the trademark of Ray Cycle with the State of Connecticut.

Growing up on the Washington D.C. tennis courts and teaching tennis at Sidwell Friends School since I was 14, I quickly learned to jest as a way to educate tennis tips.

In the 70’s at George Washington University I learned that my neighborhood watershed, Little Falls, was contaminated with used oil. This water runs right into DC drinking reservoir. Latter I became an international oil recovery expert building the area’s largest recycling plant and even testified before Congress.

You dump it, you drink it!

For over 40 years, I have joked about the need for conservation. Besides creating Ray Cycle, I was the Trash Pirate on the Long Island, New York and Noah U Water in the Shenandoah Valley.

Ray's blows his frugal bugle with the gift of thrift. Laughing is better than crying when it comes to profiting from pollution prevention. This character creates the attitude of gratitude replacing the poor tragic disposer.

DEAL WITH A FULL DECK, SAVE The JOKER, Recycle our nation’s capital! Compared with our current unorthodox President, a saving precedent is more orthodox and beneficial.

prec·e·dent - noun 1. an earlier event or action that is regarded as an example or guide to be considered in subsequent similar circumstances.

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