Positive Feedback

Over the years I have been too hard on myself. Addressing our inner critic or that scolding internal voice is my life long challenge.

Taking care of oneself is a conundrum since self care is required. Creating an inner feedback loop to change old patterns and stimulate new attitudes is paramount to progressing out of the past criticism through self compassion.

Fostering new behaviors that are none judgmental help motivates me to lessen my pain. Also this helps me encourage my greater well being. Developing and wiring this internal feedback loop can be thought of as turning on one's inner light switch.

Below gives one example how coaching can help develop this;

You might be asking, “Why would coaching help me with fibromyalgia?” The answer lies in the interconnection and "feedback loop" between the body and the mind. Because being in pain creates a physical sense of stress, it releases stress hormones, which, in turn, can affect our mood and contribute to feelings of depression, trauma, and anxiety. A "feedback loop" is thus created where the pain feeds the stress hormones, which, in turn, create more pain.

Often, those with fibromyalgia have prior life experiences and events that create stress, anxiety and trauma. This, in turn, can give rise to fibromyalgia, because of the feedback loop described above. But even among those who don't have a prior history, the pain and discomfort, combined with the difficulty in getting a diagnosis and appropriate treatment can, itself create feelings of trauma, depression and/or anxiety*.

So much of my life has been filled with negative self talk and/or unskillful thoughts that distract deter or lessen my happiness. Finding both people and an environment that encourages more illuminating ways of being and thinking is what I welcome. As a tennis teacher I have for years coached how to accomplish this feat from a perspective of match and recreational play. How can I boast motivation or make their instructional time the most enjoyable and productive experience?

I come to a threshold. I can continue to allow my negativity to further my suffering or I can explore new ways to manage this anxiety and celebrate life. It is my choice whether my remaining time hear is hellish or heavenly. May I benefit from creating a more supportive way of being.


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