Wise Humor

Wise laughter illuminates me. Just today I laughed an hour latter when I saw that my shirt was on inside out. In years past I would unwisely beat myself up for being so clueless. Why be so hard on myself when I can just giggle it away? I find freedom when I can laugh at my vulnerabilities. I can profit from learning how to embrace my shortcomings and have fun in the process.

More light and enlightening experiences fortify my inner courage. Increasing my health, happiness, and joy allow me a choice - one that leads up and the other down. The one going down is my rational, cynical "what is not" mind-set. My other happens when I become a jester awakening to all the possible silver linings in any given dark cloud. Wise humor gives me an upward feeling cultivating greater well-being. Humor stimulates my virtues of: gratitude; kindness; enthusiasm; and forgiveness. While I can see bad in good and good in bad, this allows me to change my consciousness? However, a better question is do I wish to be ill or well? Everything shifts when I see through my comic eyes.

Wise humor shifts me from my anxiety and other negative emotions. Why further create a dis-functional, ineffective, and unhappy attitude? However, I can learn from any fowl mood if I can see the humor in it.

Re-framing my negative judgments into a observing what is funny I enlighten. Pursuing higher consciousness of what is really true. I experience profound joy when I find humor in truth and truth in humor.   Everything comes down to this humorous shift of higher consciousness. I can open my windows of imagination and apply more wholesome ways of being of benefit. 

Please explore your realms of consciousness to see what works better for you. Light or heavy? Bright or dark?  What gives you a better experience of life, and purpose? Playfulness can balance our world that is way too serious.

Drop the walls of down of ill suffering and now use this new drawbridge to expand your wellness. Adjust, alter, and refine a comic perspective. Such a shift activates your potential, purpose and possibilities.

Find the AWE (Awaken With Exercise) when you explore the A-Z* so to wisely laugh!

From animosity to affability,

From bigotry to blessing.

From cruelty to caring.

From deception to devotion.

From enmity to engagement,

From faultfinding to forgiveness,

From greed to generosity,

From hostility to heartfulness,

From injustice to integrity,

From jingoism to judiciousness,

From Klanishness to kindness,

From lewdness to love,

From maliciousness to mercy,

From nastiness to niceness,

From obstinancy to openmindedness,

From prejudice to peacefulness,

From querulousness to quietude,

From ridicule to respect,

From selfishness to sacrifice,

From trash-talk to tact,

From violence to values,

From warfare to welcoming,

From xenophobia to examination of self,

From yelling insults to yielding ground,

From zero-sum to a zeal for cooperation.

Rabbi Howard L. Apothaker, "An Acrostic 'Days of Awe' Prayer

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