Mindful: Calm and Alert

How may I best go forth? Beyond the fad of being mindful there is a skill I have devoted serious discipline and time. I have invested countless hours exploring all facets of my inner suffering. Being in the "here and now" has both changed my life and given me direction. It has enhanced my purpose, possibility and potential when I am alert and calm.

Over twenty years ago I have cultivated diverse ways I could increase my moment to moment attention.

Celebrating my "hereness" I have invested countless time following my breath and sounds. This has greatly lessened my anxiety providing me greater courage and insights.

This precious gift starts when I develop an intention to paying attention. Then I learn to cherish each moment with a more expansive sense of well-being.

First, I make an intention to lessen my stress and manage my emotions. Second, I develop a wide-open awareness to focus. Finally, I celebrate my gratitude

of "hereness". Mindfulness is not a panacea however a

focus to better manage todays growing anxieties.

There are many types of mindfulness meditation. Contemplating kindness increases my loving friendliness to all things. Also I may open more to observe all my thoughts and emotions. It can be like observing clouds transforming in the sky. There is no need to identify or judge their transit.

Curiosity is another mindful inquiry. Becoming curious allows us to re-frame difficult emotions and thoughts.

Finally when I meditate on accepting I may feel more liberated. Allowing whatever my experience is can be accomplished many ways. Including a relaxing body scan, yoga, breathing or expansive awareness skills widens my possibilities of accepting.

Acceptance is the core attitude of mindfulness. Just allowing whatever experience to be just as it is lessens my suffering. It is not submission however just the truth of my present situation. Not becoming so lost by my negative thinking I can ignore my old story of fear. Wisely deciding how to best go forth becomes easier.

There are many mindfulness techniques such as concentrating on the breath, body, sounds, thoughts, feelings and open awareness meditations. Simply climbing a ladder gets me in the "now." Just taking a short pause just to honor my "being-ness" is a huge step. Mindfulness is not about getting to the end however beginning at the end. This called beginners mind; like a baby we do not know what will happen next. Yes my journey becomes my destination and no beginning or end.

By connecting with my body, I may meditate on all my changing physical sensations. Discerning my feelings and body process this allows me to truly examine my anxiety, anger and sadness. Watching the transitory nature of all things including my emotions liberates me with a higher consciousness.

I cultivate observing and detach myself from the unhelpful thinking and not become so identified with it. Like everything these changing feelings rise and fall like any weather system. Everything is about improving my wisdom and concentration. Focusing on a moment to moment awareness allows me to enter into a flow.

There are different pathways in which I construct my sense of self. One is my brain that constantly tells me a story of what's going on and who I am. The other is my expanded greater self, everything outside my me-story.

Mindfulness unleashes the gratitude attitude and making wise choices. I explore such virtues as; compassion, non-judgment, playfulness, curiosity, patience, trust, and


Mindfulness balances doing with being. How can I better manage my thoughts and emotions to be of benefit? Mindfully calm and alert I best cultivate my potential, purpose and possibility.

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