Go with Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to embrace our blessings. It allows us to experience gratitude as a gift that keeps on giving. Appreciation gives us greater possibility, purpose and potential. Also it is the highest place for receivership. By showing kindness and consideration we connect to a higher celebration of light and love. Thanksgiving is about reverence where it radiates an altruistic spirit. We live in a time where individual generosity greatly matters. By giving, we both awaken and liberate ourselves. When we hold on to things too long this causes a painful form of separation. By becoming more mindful of how we live, we can celebrate our greater interconnection with our precious world. Just 6 million years ago the first American migrated here. When whites came here at Jamestown, Virginia, Arthur Barlow remarked of the Poona's: "A more kind and loving people cannot be found in the world." My ancestry dates back to the first born off the Mayflower. I believe Thanksgiving is everyday. I constantly count my blessings. The Iroquois celebrated their appreciation of this earth for days at a time, showing gratitude for all aspects of their bountiful home. Today we can all be Native Americans by honoring what we have. Let us magnify our thanks by showing our boundless possibilities of compassion. Make this grateful intention and expand your heart. Let's celebrate Thanksgiving with bountiful virtuous acts. May I have come to terms with the future. Live in greater harmony and use no more of its resources than I need. Go in gratitude so to give and get the best our time here.

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