Honoring the Mystery

Halloween celebrates the greater mystery of our non ordinary world. When I honor the mystery I liberate myself to a wiser way of being. Showing up to life’s mystical truth I become awakened. We all share, come from and return to this mystery. Also we all are connected by a common spirit of the mystical elements of earth, air, fire, and water.

Physicist Yuri Kronn states that 96% of the universe is dark energy is that we can not see. The other 4% is of normal matter we see, measure and organize.

Everything is made up of that same distant stardust including our flesh; bones, blood and body are comprised of the same things.

It is amazing that both my heart and the earth are made of the same ingredients. When I see our greater

interconnection this aids me to go beyond my suffering. Love and understanding comes with this realization.

Such inner being is the portal to my oneness and all being. There is a higher level of consciousness when I see the mystery of all things. Chaos strangely organizes again into new phenomenon. I am just a cloud passing in the sky reforming into new water vapor.

Just as a tree replenishes me, I exchange it's oxygen and it shares my carbon dioxide. All natural cycles exchange creating life sustaining properties. All things I smell, taste, touch, hear, and feel have a shared mystical connection.

Honoring this mystery elevates my well-being, and unifies my consciousness. Our collective heart guides us to the truth of our mutual connections. Awakening to my common relationship with all things, comes through stillness and deep listening.

There is mystical exchange of love and light acts like a cosmic spider's web. Respecting this mystery gives me guidance and freedom.

May I honor the mystery since nothing is separate

May I be still with not fully knowing, fully present

May I observe the sacred bonds all things mystical

May I know how all things exchange air, fire, water, earth forms

May I contemplate on how my body and the world act in self organizing chaos

May I see that even things lifeless have spirit

May I behold how we share the same things

May we explore the deeper truth of the universal mystery

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